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Would you be so kind as to fill out the following survey? Please feel free to bypass any questions that either don't apply or aren't worth your time. Sorry, there are no prizes associated with this survey, but if your comments lead to an eventual boost to the success of this site, who knows?!

  1. How did you learn about (Check any that apply.)
    I plead the 5th!
    Search Engine (which one? )
    Website Link (where? )
    Free-for-All (FFA) List
    Referred by friend, acquaintance, or family member
  2. What in particular interested you enough to visit
  3. Which general topics at are of interest to you? (Check any that apply.)
    I plead the 5th!
    Home Business
    Music Links
  4. Have you found anything on sale here that you considered buying?
  5. If you considered ordering but changed your mind, what stopped you?
    Lack of money/price too high
    I didn't see anything I liked that well
    HSPost isn't set up to take credit cards
    (If you checked this one, please select which of the following you would consider using in lieu of credit card payments.)
    • Paypal Verified Merchant link
    • Clickbank link (where applicable)
    • Either Paypal and Clickbank
    • Neither Paypal nor Clickbank
    • Other:
    Other reason:
  6. If you ordered from, what, if anything, helped you decide to buy?
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