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If you've ever used “sniping” software or FFA-posting software, you have some idea of the power behind being able to write your own robots. The possibilities are endless: tracking stocks, entering contests, finding people, etc. You might even find that running a spider can keep your ISP from logging you out!

In this book, I share what I've learned over the past 3 years and show you how to put it all together with some sample programs — including a “sniper” that still works (as of this writing)!  [WARNING: Sniping software is no longer tolerated on eBayTM!]

The book features the following sections:

See About the Author and Introduction
“Desigining Spiders and Robots” is $14.95. Please add $3.50 for shipping* within the U.S.; others inquire for international shipping costs. Payment must be in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank. You may use Paypal for either the

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        Help Systems Publications
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Be sure to include your mailing and/or e-mail address!

*You can save the shipping cost by requesting an electronic copy compatible with Corel WordPerfect 8.

Hello, Jerry.  I'm honored to be the first person to purchase your
book.  I've been slowly digesting the material for the last couple of weeks
and am finding it to be very clear and straight forward in it's
presentation.  Sorry.  No constructive critisism here.  The text was very
well written with plenty of illustrations.  Has anyone else purchased the
book?  What did they have to say about it?  I guess it's going to depend
greatly on the person's level of technical experience as to how helpful they
find this text.

San Antonio, Texas
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