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Calling All Technical Analysts!

Free Filtered List of 52-Week and All-Time Highs

One of the most popular and effective criteria of technical analysts is that a stock that is at or near a high for the year bears watching, especially if its 52-week high is at least double the low for the year. These attributes define the initial screen for the C-A-N S-L-I-M method of William J. O’Neil promoted by Investors Business Daily. Many, including those who follow the “box system” of Nicolas Darvas, will further insist that the stock be at or near an all-time (historic) high - not merely a 52-week high.

Investors Business Daily is an excellent resource, especially for C-A-N S-L-I-M investors, because it includes data on Relative Strength (RS) and Earnings Per Share (EPS) growth. However, selection of stocks from it can be a daunting task without some prior screening. In addition, the historic data needed for the Darvas method must be obtained elsewhere, such as from the “Standard & Poors Stock Guide”.

Help Systems Publications has greatly simplified this screening process by compiling a list (current as of February 6, 2004) of 309 stocks filtered from over 8000! These stocks are within 97.5% of the high for the year, and their high is more than 90% higher than the low. In addition, 131 of these have passed further screening for being within 97.5% of their all-time highs! You can access this list online.

Now offered FREE indefinitely, as a service to my visitors!

Help Systems Publications does not believe in promoting individual stocks. This list is only intended to greatly simplify your task of identifying potential candidates for further fundamental (earnings) screening.

As a free service, this list is updated on an irregular and unpredictable basis, as time permits. No guarantee of completeness or timeliness of the data is express or implicit. (The spidering processes are fairly time-consuming, and the one for updating the list of ticker symbols is especially so.)

Take advantage now of our free screening!

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