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Online Video Poker Profits:
How I Won (and Lost) $300 One Day,
Then Won (and Kept) $200 the Next!

Second Edition

with an

Alternative System Added - Plus More Helpful Tips!


Gerald A. Miller, Ph.D.

Another Educational, Fun Book
Help Systems Publications
Abingdon, MD U.S.A.

©2000 - All Rights Reserved

Yes, it's sad but true! I've managed to customize the free video poker system for use with online casino games, but I'm still often lacking in the discipline to walk away before I end up giving back what I've managed to win!

In spite of my problems holding onto my winnings, the important thing is that the potential power of this system is demonstrated by the fact that I was able to push my winnings that high (from the initial $100) in the first place, plus the fact that I was able to turn around the very next day and turn $50 into $200. You can do it too, if you're willing to keep your mind on the game - and on your bankroll, so you don't give it back. I'm not going to kid you - money management looks easy in principle, but it's probably the hardest thing to put into practice - and do it consistently. (For example, soon after holding onto my $200, I turned $10 into $34.25 before getting carried away and giving it back.)

It would be dishonest to make you think that you'll always win and do that well, but my experience shows that I was either very lucky (at first, anyway) or the system works better than any other I've seen. As long as you cut the game short when it starts out with a long losing streak, you stand a good chance of more than making up for it when things do go your way. You need this system!

In case you're wondering where I won the elusive $300, just take a look at the banner at the top of this page! Their video poker machine is a nearly optimal 9/6 machine (9 for a full house; 6 for a flush), with the exception that, as of March 21, 2000, it didn't pay out on an Ace-low straight. I've advised them of the desirability of either correcting this or making it more prominently known.

The book

Online Video Poker Profits:
How I Won (and Lost) $300 One Day,
Then Won (and Kept) $200 the Next!

explains the progressive betting strategy to its fullest and, more importantly, how to "do as I say, not as I (sometimes still) do" - in other words, what you have to do in terms of money management to keep yourself focused on where you stand and how you can hang onto the bulk of your stake and/or winnings.

The Second Edition contains an additional system that can be used as an alternative to the original one. That means you now get two powerful systems for the price of one! In addition, it explains both the advantages of playing Deuces or Deuce-Joker machines as an alternative to Jacks or Better and an easy way to identify potentially loose machines in "offline" (land-based) casinos before you even consult the payboard.

The book is still bargain-priced at only $9.95, and you can order it either via snail-mail or through (see their banner below the VegasUSA banner). You may also order either a printed version or a WordPerfect 8 version for downloading (inquire about a MSWord version, if you don't have WordPerfect). Either way, the price is the same - nothing additional for shipping.

NEWS FLASH! This just in April 13, 2000, 8:30 P.M.

Just to show you that it wasn't a fluke that I won that much on Video Poker, I've interrupted my game at another casino where I had won a $25 prize account. I just raised my stake to $187.25 with a flush on a $10 bet! (The last time I reached the $10 betting level, I received a full house!!!) Let's hope I maintain my discipline again and quit while I'm ahead, because no matter what system you use, it's no good without strict money management.

Final Update: I cashed out at $125 - "only" a 400% profit instead of the 670% I'd have, had I quit at my highest point of $192.50 (which I wouldn't have done anyway), but not all that bad either!


Re Video Poker, I did quite well last night with your system, but when I had a nice pile of winnings I lost my head and then my shirt. Must re-read your discipline material! :-) --Charlie, West Palm Beach, FL
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        Reisterstown, MD 21136

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NEW! Get “Online Video Poker Profits” for your Kindle!

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