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Highs and Historic Highs

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The following 90 ticker symbols have been screened from a list of over 6000 for the following attributes (current as of June 8, 2010): In addition, the 30 whose ticker symbols are preceded by an asterisk (*) are at least within 95% of an all-time (historic) high. The ticker symbols are recognized as input to the quote form on Yahoo.

(NOTE: They have not been screened to remove preferred stock, warrants, etc., or stocks with less than a year of quote history. It should also be noted that a stock whose recent price range has gapped and become narrow and flat may already reflect an announced merger or buyout offer.)
  ABII:   53.68   	Abraxis Bioscience Inc. (NASDAQ)
  AKAM:   41.22   	Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ)
* ASPS:   26.50   	Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. (NASDAQ)
  ABL:    3.71    	American Biltrite Inc. (AMEX)
  AIS:    1.65    	Antares Pharma, Inc. (AMEX)
  ABR:    4.30    	Arbor Realty Trust (NYSE)
  ARMH:   11.59   	ARM Holdings, plc (NASDAQ)
  BELM:   6.94    	Bell Microproducts Inc. (NASDAQ)
  BSMD:   4.27    	BioSphere Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  WEL:    2.95    	Boots and Coots, Inc (AMEX)
* SAM:    66.31   	Boston Beer Company, Inc. (The) (NYSE)
  BNE:    11.03   	Bowne & Co., Inc. (NYSE)
  BBNK:   11.49   	Bridge Capital Holdings (NASDAQ)
  CEBK:   11.48   	Central Bancorp, Inc (NASDAQ)
  CJBK:   7.07    	Central Jersey Bancorp (NASDAQ)
  CTHR:   2.96    	Charles & Colvard Ltd (NASDAQ)
* XEC:    75.28   	Cimarex Energy Co (NYSE)
  CCIX:   6.71    	Coleman Cable, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  CLCT:   13.82   	Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ)
* CPEX:   26.15   	CPEX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  CPII:   15.76   	CPI International, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  DII:    1.92    	Decorator Industries, Inc. (AMEX)
* RDY:    29.80   	Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd (NYSE)
* EGO:    17.34   	Eldorado Gold Corp (NYSE)
  EMMS:   2.28    	Emmis Communications Corporation (NASDAQ)
  EQU:    6.98    	Equal Energy Ltd. (NYSE)
* EVVV:   22.24   	ev3 Inc. (NASDAQ)
* F-PA:   24.39   	Ford Motor Credit Company (NYSE)
  FRG:    6.29    	Fronteer Development Group Inc. (AMEX)
* GFC:    15.71   	Gerova Financial Group Ltd (AMEX)
  GSAT:   1.93    	Globalstar, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  GSIC:   28.77   	GSI Commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  HWD:    12.50   	Harry Winston Diamond Corporation (NYSE)
  HNT:    25.20   	Health Net Inc. (NYSE)
  HTRN:   4.72    	HealthTronics, Inc. (NASDAQ)
* HTWR:   61.32   	Heartware International, Inc. (NASDAQ)
* HLM-P:  26.70   	Hillman Group Capital Trust (AMEX)
  IDT-C:  7.81    	IDT Corporation (NYSE)
* NRGP:   24.14   	Inergy Holdings, L.P. (NASDAQ)
  VTIV:   24.81   	inVentiv Health, Inc. (NASDAQ)
* BOOT:   19.90   	LaCrosse Footwear, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  LNY:    23.80   	Landry's Restaurants, Inc. (NYSE)
* XFD:    21.13   	Lehman ABS Corporation (NYSE)
  LMAT:   5.79    	LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. (NASDAQ)
* LNCR:   47.00   	Lincare Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ)
* MWE:    29.76   	MarkWest Energy Partners, LP (NYSE)
  MEDW:   9.42    	MEDIWARE Information Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ)
* PJE:    23.19   	Merrill Lynch PreferredPlus Tr (NYSE)
* MOFG:   16.09   	MidWestOne Financial Group, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  SMCG:   3.14    	Millenium India Acquisition Company Inc. (NASDAQ)
  MLR:    14.97   	Miller Industries, Inc. (NYSE)
* MVO:    25.57   	MV Oil Trust (NYSE)
  NADX:   16.85   	National Dentex Corporation (NASDAQ)
  NTAP:   37.03   	NetApp, Inc. (NASDAQ)
* NFLX:   109.16  	Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  NGD:    6.29    	NEW GOLD INC. (AMEX)
  OICO:   8.83    	O. I. Corporation (NASDAQ)
  ODSY:   26.54   	Odyssey Healthcare, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  OSIP:   57.50   	OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ)
* BPOPM:  18.97   	Popular, Inc. (NASDAQ)
* PRD:    18.20   	Primus Guaranty, LTD. (NYSE)
* PBTH:   6.30    	PROLOR Biotech, Inc. (AMEX)
* PZZ:    6.94    	Prospect Medical Hldgs Inc (NASDAQ)
* QCOR:   10.00   	Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  RCMT:   4.85    	RCM Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  RDIB:   9.80    	Reading International Inc (NASDAQ)
  RGNC:   22.78   	Regency Energy Partners LP (NASDAQ)
  SJT:    24.95   	San Juan Basin Royalty Trust (NYSE)
  SPNS:   2.65    	Sapiens International Corporation N.V. (NASDAQ)
* SENO:   10.86   	SenoRx, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  SLI:    12.20   	SL Industries, Inc. (AMEX)
  SNWL:   11.24   	SonicWALL, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  SWWC:   10.24   	Southwest Water Company (NASDAQ)
  STBK:   2.39    	Sterling Banks, Inc. (NASDAQ)
* BEE-PB: 21.80   	Strategic Hotels & Resorts Inc (NYSE)
  SGS:    6.68    	Stream Global Services, Inc (AMEX)
  STKL:   4.75    	SunOpta, Inc. (NASDAQ)
* SXCI:   71.34   	SXC Health Solutions Corp. (NASDAQ)
* SY:     64.29   	Sybase, Inc. (NYSE)
  SYPR:   4.68    	Sypris Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ)
  TRCI:   5.23    	Technology Research Corporation (NASDAQ)
  TICC:   8.06    	TICC Capital Corp. (NASDAQ)
  TIGR:   4.48    	TigerLogic Corporation (NASDAQ)
  TTIL:   2.50    	TTI Team Telecom International Ltd. (NASDAQ)
  VIMC:   4.83    	Vimicro International Corporation (NASDAQ)
  VRAD:   16.89   	Virtual Radiologic Corporation (NASDAQ)
  VMW:    67.55   	Vmware, Inc. (NYSE)
  VNO-PA: 115.00  	Vornado Realty Trust (NYSE)
  WSII:   11.22   	Waste Services, Inc. (NASDAQ)
* WINA:   31.95   	Winmark Corporation (NASDAQ)