My name is Lon Lindsey and I am author and publisher of The Master Networker . . .The Art of Building A Business. I've persisted in network marketing to the point where I have seen both success and failure. That gives me a unique advantage in that I've been able to identify what I call the "SEVEN DEADLY FRUSTRATIONS IN NETWORK MARKETING."

For the new and average networker, businesses are crumbling because they are not aware of the frustrations they will be dealing with in building a business. It doesn't have to be that way.


  1. Affordability! Many network marketers get involved in and companies that require $100 - $300 monthly to achieve maximum commissions.

    The effect? Too expensive for the average networker with garage full of products that can't be consumed or sold.

    The result? Very few sign-ups and those who do sign up drop out quickly.

  2. False commission payout rates! Many network marketers get involved in companies that base their commissions on a BV value that is less than the actual cost of the products. Company literature shows commission payout rates from 65% to 80%, but based on actual product cost, the true payout percentage is between 40% and 55% making the inflated rates look attractive.

    The effect? People get discouraged because it wasn't what they thought it would be going in.

    The result? Drop out city! People come in one month and drop out the next because the break-even point seems unreachable to them.

  3. Out of site shipping and handling costs! Shipping and handling can add another 10% - 20% to your monthly cost of the product. When you figure your commissions based on false BV and shipping costs, your commission rate is more like 35% - 50%.

    The effect? People find it difficult to break even from commissions to simply pay for products.

    The result? Drop out city! People see this as another expense and an obstacle to their reaching profit quickly.

  4. Pay Plan made for the heavy hitters . . .the big boys of the industry. Companies devise pay plans that will attract the heavy hitters and those distributors who all they have to do is turn on a switch and sponsor people (people they take with them from business to business.) because it is these people who basically get a company started. Heavy hitters love deep level compensation plans because they know the deeper you go, the more money they will make based on exponential growth down several levels.

    The effect? Heavy hitters make money at the expense of the average networker while the average networker scrapes just to make ends meet because they are not getting paid up at the top of the pay plan where they are working.

    The Result? Lack of quick money at the beginning to get distributors in profit causes discouragement to set in and loss of confidence causing loss of interest and ultimate dropping out of distributors.

  5. Qualification hoops so difficult it becomes almost impossible for the average networker to reach higher pay levels in the pay plan.

    The effect? The average distributor doesn't even consider advancing to higher pay levels causing loss of motivation and desire to do what is necessary to reach those higher paying levels.

    The result? Stagnation of ones business ultimately resulting in no additional business growth ending in dropping out.

  6. Complex marketing plan that people don't fully understand.

    The effect? The inability to share the pay plan with others because they don't understand it themselves.

    The result? The real interest for network marketers is making money. If one cannot be shown how they can make money through the pay plan, they have no reason to join causing lack of sponsoring. This leads to business stagnation and ultimate drop out.

  7. Too many products to promote.

    The effect? Having to learn about so many products that distributors represent.

    The result? It also becomes confusing as to which products to take and for what purpose and in some cases companies tell distributors to get all the products because they all work synergestically together. Additionally, having to learn so much about so many products makes distributors ineffective in product knowledge to support their "Making Money" reason for being a distributor in the company.



  1. Affordability - The cost of the product in which commissions are paid on must be balanced between being small enough to be affordable yet large enough to make the paying of commissions on the product attractive and lucrative. Fantastic Life Systems provides their Nutritional Total product for only $49.95.

  2. False commission pay out rates - Fantastic Life Systems pays out a TRUE 75% in commissions. Nutritional Total sells for $49.95 and you receive commissions based on $50 of product. 100% BV to product cost.

  3. Out of site shipping and handling costs - Fantastic Life Systems has uniquely included shipping and handling in their total product cost. Commissions are paid on the total cost of $49.95. Assuming a $4.95 shipping and handling cost, the commission pay out rate is really over 83%

  4. Pay plan made for heavy hitters - Fantastic Life Systems pays out 75% on compressed uni-level pay plan going four levels deep. Distributors are paid where they are working . . . at the top of the pay plan. An incentive to help first level people is the second level 40% ($20.00) payout with the concept being duplicated with a strong fourth level 20% ($10.00) payout. You can build as wide as you want . . .thus unlimited income potential . . with enough depth to create a lucrative monthly income with enough depth to make it solid and secure.

  5. Qualification hoops so difficult it becomes almost impossible for the average networker to reach higher pay levels in the pay plan - Fantastic Life Systems has reasonable and reachable qualifications for the average networker. Sponsor none and still qualify to earn commissions on your first two levels. Sponsor only one and qualify to earn commissions on your third level. Sponsor only two (the industry average) and qualify to earn commissions on your fourth level.

  6. Complex marketing plan that people don't fully understand - Fantastic Life Systems marketing plan is simple. Receive $2.50 (5%) for each active distributor on your first level; $20.00 (40%) for each active distributor on your second level; $5.00 (10%) for each active distributor on your third level; $10.00 (20%) for each active distributor on your fourth level. Earn company-wide bonus commissions based on total numbers sponsored.

  7. Too many products to promote - Fantastic Life Systems is starting out with only one product . . Nutritional Total with a second product coming on shortly for those people who want both products or may use only one of the Nutritional Total every two months but want to qualify for commissions monthly.

My experience in the network marketing industry has confirmed something. The real product in network marketing is "MAKING MONEY!" There really is no product loyalty in this industry because once a person terminates his distributorship with a company, there is a 90% chance they will never use those products again.

HOWEVER, there does need to be a product of quality that will support the product of making money. Fantastic Life Systems provides such a product. Nutritional Total is the perfect product because it makes good health simple and affordable. Nutritional total is a special blend of synergistic nutrients which supply the essential cell buildng nutrients the body needs to properly function and maintain good health. Containing only the finest ingredients, including vitamins and minerals (in forms readily absorbed by the body), antioxidants, whole food concentrates, herbs and unique selected botanicals, Nutritional Total is all you will need. You will no longer have to buy expensive, multiple products. It is also heavy on the "B" vitamins . . those anti-stress vitamins. Nutritional Total is packaged with 120 tablets per bottle; two tablets daily provides a "maintenance" good health approach or four tablets daily provides a "performance" good health approach. Nutritional Total provides enough "maintenance health" monthly for two people at the maintenance level ($24.97) per person) or enough "performance health" monthly for one person ($49.95).

My guess is (and I'll even place a wager on it) that you need and want to make money! Look at this!

  1. You will be in profit when you sponsor two and those two each sponsor two!
  2. A network of two based on duplication down four levels could earn you $285.00 monthly . . which is enough to get people to stick with the business.
  3. A network of just three based on duplication down four levels could earn you $1,140.00 monthly which is that solid income networkers strive for.
  4. A network of just five based on duplication down four levels could earn you $7,385.00 monthly which is enough to let people walk away from their jobs.
  5. A network of just 10 based on duplciation down four levels could earn you $107,025 monthly which is enough to make you financially independent.

There are three stages to having your own network marketing home-based business:

Stage 1 - income does not come up to what your time is worth.

Stage 2 - income is appropriate for the time you put in.

Stage 3 - you make obscene amounts of money with very little time needed.

FANTASTIC LIFE SYSTEMS was developed so you can move through the first two stages quickly ultimately reaching stage 3. Because of that, Fantastic Life Systems is The People's company! Fantastic Life Systems . . . Only In America! A company "Of The People"; "By The People" and "For The People."

Request more information now by emailing me at hspost@hspost.com or take a look at my FLS webpage at http://www.fantasticlifesystems.com/a.cgi/631-4893.


Jerry Miller

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