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WWWW2003, the ultra-new version, adds random weights by draw frequency!

The advantage of using the draw frequency percentages in generating the random picks for the wheel you've chosen is that, unlike the Quick Picks offered by LOTTO merchants (which also do not wheel for you), the random numbers generated will favor the more frequent numbers without eliminating the possibility of numbers drawn less frequently or not at all in recent games.

If you have the console (DOS) version (see image below) and would like to upgrade, please send me your current mailing address.  Requests with only an e-mail address will be ignored!


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Help Systems Publications

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presents Winning With Wheeling...

Wheeling Isnít A ScamÖ

But the Way Itís Often Marketed Makes It Look Like One

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Iím sure youíve seen or heard the ads that try to convince you that their "system" can either make you the next LOTTO multimillionaire or make you at least win something almost every time you play the lottery. They use clever mathematical fallacies (that even they probably donít understand) to con you into believing itís for real.


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One such ad was (and still is - in fact, it's now online!) promoted by a columnist in lottery prediction newsletters. Anyone following her number selections religiously would have spent hundreds every week and come away with not so much as a third prize in most cases! In other articles, she suggested consulting numerologists and psychics to get the numbers to use with her "scientific, mathematical" system.

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What Wheeling Isnít


Well, the truth is that "wheeling" (the name of the system that is the basis of all this hype) does have a basis in statistical mathematics, but it is not some magical formula. If you canít afford to play the number of games required for a particular wheel without using the wheel, then you have no business betting that much money with a wheel.

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Wheeling does not improve your chances of picking the winning numbers one iota! That part is still up to you. And donít be led too far off by talk of "hot" numbers Ė most games are a combination of very hot, moderately hot, and occasional cold numbers, just like any sequence of random numbers will be! Thatís not to say that you shouldnít use hot numbers Ė theyíre no worse and no better than any others.

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What Wheeling Is


What wheeling can do for you is to guarantee that if a certain portion of the numbers you choose are among those drawn, at least one of your games will win a prize. NOTE: I said "prize", not "jackpot" Ė it could be $5 or $50 or $500; it could be just enough to play again; and, like any game, it could be the jackpot winner, but donít hold your breath!

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Still, if youíve ever played several different games and had winning numbers in more than one of them, but not enough in any one game, wheeling might be just what you need. And if youíve ever considered organizing a lottery pool, wheeling can be the ideal way of managing all those entries, especially with the optional Winning-With-Wheeling-Ware software that supplements my new book, "Winning With Wheeling".


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What "Winning With Wheeling" Is


"Winning With Wheeling" is the newest book from Help Systems Publications, which has also published "Amateur Speculatorís Stock Market Survival Guide", "Simplified Handbook for the Amateur Vintner (or ĎHow to Enjoy Making, Drinking, and Showing Off Your Own Winesí)", "Gambling Smart with Stock Options", and SLOTS, a bank of video slot machines with a summary of "systems" for trying to beat them.

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"Winning With Wheeling" explains how wheeling works, punches holes in the fallacies surrounding it, and gives you tables of wheels with instructions on how to use them. These wheels have been thoroughly checked out, unlike some in other publications that have occasional "holes" that "void" the "guarantee" they supposedly offer.

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You can implement the systems with the book alone, but the "W-W-W-W" software disk makes life so much simpler, especially if you contemplate using any of the bigger wheels, and for a LOTTO pool, itís almost indispensible. Thatís why Iím making this limited-time special offer:

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"Winning With Wheeling" normally costs $19.95* plus shipping & handling;

"Winning-With-Wheeling-Ware" normally costs $14.95* plus shipping & handling;

if you order both within 15 days of receiving this offer, your cost is only $24.95*, and that includes U.S. Priority shipping and handling!



Send check or money order to:


 Help Systems Publications
 207-B Church Road
 Reisterstown, MD 21136

Note: Unless you already have a copy of the book, the software may not do you much good. You may still order it separately, but be aware of that fact.

o Send me just "Winning With Wheeling". Iím enclosing $22.95* ($19.95 + S&H*).

o Send me just "Winning-With-Wheeling-Ware". Iím enclosing $17.95* ($14.95 + S&H*).

o Iím ordering within 15 days. Send me both the book and the software for $24.95*.

o I missed the deadline, but I still want both. I enclose $37.90* ($19.95 + 14.95 + S&H*).


*Prices are in US$ for shipment to U.S. addresses. For Canada & Mexico, add US$4; other international orders add US$6. Funds must be drawn on a U.S. bank or include an additional US$11.00 to defray the abusive "foreign check" fee levied by our bank on non-U.S. checks and money orders! Non-complying orders will be returned unfilled!







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