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Welcome to Help Systems Publications

Welcome! Help Systems Publications offers a variety of things, but its main purpose is to market the self-published books and software of its owner, Jerry Miller. The name HSPost, in fact, refers to one of those software products, an automated poster to free-for-all (FFA) lists. Although the online demo version still works, to some extent, I haven't upgraded its software or its list database nearly as recently as that of the commercial version, so don't be too put off by the number of dead pages it tries to access.

A somewhat better-organized list of products can be found by category on this page. You'll find gambling systems, stock and option speculation systems (including a screened list of stocks in a technically attractive uptrend), a cookbook, a book on simplified winemaking, and my proudest accomplishment so far, a book for C and Perl programmers on the technical aspects of spider and robot software design based on over four years' experience, beginning with HSPost.

While you're still on this page, though, you might check out the section on music, especially if you're into blues and progressive rock like I am.

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