Somebody Else's Heart
(C) 2012, 2016
Help Systems Publications
In Honor and Memory of Francine Lieberman Miller

You've got somebody else's heart,
But I don't mind.
Yes, Honey, you have got someone else's heart,
But you still got mine.
I thought I was about to lose you,
But God and science brought you back to
Me with somebody else's heart
In the nick of time.

When I said I'd become a donor,
You said, "You better!"
Then I wrote this little song to you
As a new love letter.
I'd been going through a kind of hell.
I couldn't do anything to make you well.
It took somebody else's heart
To make you feel better.

You had somebody else's heart
For almost seven years.
Eighty-three more months to share
Our happiness and our tears,
But you couldn't get a new transplant, 
Because your donor-specific an-
Tibodies rejected someone else's heart,
Fulfilling my worst fears.