Wild Cherry

IMPORTANT NOTE: I just downloaded wild_cherry_rng.exe onto my father-in-law's PC and found that it errors off with a message stating that VCL35.BPL was not found. I determined from my own PC that this is a Borland DLL and have verified my license to distribute it. If you do not include this file in your download (and put it in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM), you may find that the same error occurs on your PC (unless you have BCB). The same goes for CP3240MT.DLL and BORLNDMM.DLL.

Click on each of these links to download the game (saving them all to the same folder):

Also, if the following file(s) do not already exist in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM, download them into that directory to enable the program(s) to run: View readme.wch

Want to learn how this program was written?  Send me e-mail.  If there's sufficient interest, I'll consider publishing it as yet "Another Educational, Fun Book from Help Systems Publications" and, as usual, the price will be very reasonable.

1) Create a directory (folder) for the game.

2) Download all the files into that directory.

3) Right-click on a blank part of your desktop
   (where there is no shortcut icon).

4) From the menu, select "New" and from the
   submenu, select "Shortcut."

5) Browse to find the file wild_cherry.exe.
   (This is for Windows 98; for Windows 95,
   you may have to enter this longhand.)

6) Name the shortcut "Wild Cherry" either in
   the "wizard" or by editing the icon label.

7) Right-click on the new icon and select
   "Properties."  Be sure that the "Start in"
   directory is the same as the one containing
   the "Target" file.

8) If the icon doesn't automatically come up
   as the Wild Cherry symbol, click the
   "Change Icon" button.  If the symbol is
   one of the choices (or the only one),
   simply click it and click the "OK" button;
   otherwise, click the "Browse" button, go
   into the directory where you saved the
   files, and select wild_cherry.exe.

9) Double-clicking the icon will bring up
   the game.