Blues from a Yupster

Well, I woke up this mornin'n'
  the Dow-Jones av'rage was down.
I tried to call my broker,
  but the mo-fo done skipped town.
If it wasn't for my CD's,
  wouldn't have no money around.
When the eagle flies on Friday,
  I contributes to my IRA.
There was some rockin' little issues that
  I wanted my broker to play.
Can't roll over my CD's -
  gotta hit 'em again today.
Well, my Brooks Bros. suit had a
  mothhole in the sleeve.
Now I'm out 70 bucks,
  cuz I sent it for a reweave.
This economy's stupid -
  I might hafta up'n leave.
Y'know the market's so choppy,
  I don't know what stops to use.
'Fit was up to me,
  y'know that I would choose
T'rollover Bill Clinton,
  cuz George Dubya give me the blues.