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Improved HSPost Home Page
HSPost: Post your site on 1000's of FFA's... Only
... and despite the low price, your SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED!
HSPost is designed to post to a variety of different Free-For-All lists. It takes into account the fact that some forms provide a description field, for instance, and that limitations on title lengths differ from one layout to another. Also, unlike most competitors' programs (which you access on their computers), with HSPost you pay a one time price to buy the software, and it's yours to run from then on! But are you ready for this??? The price is ONLY $8.95 - SHIPPING INCLUDED!!! (A download option is also available, if it's more convenient than a floppy.)

It was originally designed to be run on a PC under Windows 95/NT, but the demand for a demo also led to the development of a UNIX version to be run online Despite the limitations that are sometimes encountered when multiple users submit from the same server (which is not normally a problem with the PC version), as well as the infrequent updates, we hope you will find it sufficiently useful to come back often and try it out.

On the other hand, there are now THOUSANDS - no longer merely HUNDREDS - of sites where HSPost can place your link! Your exploding mailbox will demonstrate how well the PC version works - unless you delete messages continuously during the post, you'll have TONS of acknowledgements to deal with later! (So much for a competitor's claims that about 500 is the best you can expect! In fact, our response to that competitor  is to DOUBLE the number of sites selected for the demo to 50!)

The one big advantage we have over the competition is that we (and you) have the ability to add their lists of sites to the HSPost list with only a bit of manual cleanup of the output of parsed Web pages we spider from those parsed lists! We now have the sites that they have plus the ones we had before (that they didn't have)! So how can what they have be all there is in the world worth posting to? As Billy Joel once said, "Is that all you get for your money?"

Call it paranoia if you will, but it even seems as if the competitors are modifying the CGI scripts for their own FFA pages in an effort to outsmart programs like HSPost that try to infringe on their would-be monopoly, but it seldom works for long - after all, it's not easy to tell a smart spider from a regular Web browser! (The designer of HSPost works in Artificial Intelligence research and developed HSPost in his "spare time.") Can it be that HSPost works too well???

Another competitor provides no value whatsoever! Our own HSPLinks was spammed by it for about 5 days AROUND THE CLOCK, which meant that one client's link was getting buried under those of hundreds of others! Eventually, the page became corrupted from the constant access and had to be restored from an older version, thus wiping out all of that already-wasted effort! What sense does that make??? DUH!!! (On top of that, many such programs are such obvious hack jobs that it's fairly easy for hsplinks and HSPost to recognize them and deny them access!)

Try the HSPost Online Demo now!

Due to the ever-changing nature of the Web, many FFA pages have and will continue to become obsolete, and new ones will take their place, but one partially-realized goal of the HSPost Software Suite has been to semi-automate the process of updating the data. (We still have a long way to go before that part of the software is smart enough to be quick and easy to use, which why we've kept the price so low for now.)

Please bear with us as the construction of this site is in progress. While you're here, (speaking of FFA pages) you might like to visit our HSPLinks Free-For-All links page, as well as the brand new HSPLinks Page #2 and Page #3. (There's also one at ffanet.) Thank you for checking us out!
NOTE: HSPost does NOT post to Telinks, because they only allow one post per site - strictly enforced!

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